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Google engineer Sebastian Thrun posts hands-free photo taken with Project Glass

A few weeks ago, we saw what was probably the first public image taken with Google’s Project Glass augmented reality glasses — the photo was taken by Project Glass researcher Sebastian Thrun during an interview with Charlie Rose. Since then, Thrun has posted more images to his Google page, but one that went up a few days ago most likely couldn’t have been taken with anything but Project Glass (see above).


Video: Evacuated Tube Transport.

An evacuated tube transport system has been proposed, which would allow six-person capsules to travel at speeds of up to 6,500km/h (4,040mph)with forces of only 1G.

Those speeds would take you from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes, or New York to China in two hours.

The system works using magnetic ‘levitation’ to glide the 1.5 meter diameter tubes along. Because the system is inside a vacuum tube, there is no resistance for the capsule, so after an initial energy boost to get it moving, it would (in theory) just coast along at the same speed, thanks to Newtons first law.

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